How do you add MP3 files to be able to be used in your game?

I have some MP3 files I want to use for box triggers in certain parts of my game but I can’t find a way to be able to use them in my game. I’ve dragged and dropped them into the Audio section of the starter content but they don’t appear. Is there a different way to get them into the engine? Thanks for the help.

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You should have noticed in the import dialog that mp3 is not listed in the filter you will probably have to convert your audio files to another format first (mp4, wav, wmv). If you don’t have a software installed you could use a online converter like to at least test it.


Thank you for the response, I found that converting them to WAV files allows you to import them in and is all working fine now.

I hope they get mp3 support because the compression is much better and file sizes way way way smaller allowing for more audio in game.