How do you access v200 devkit via Epic Launcher?

Hi all,

I see this quote on the sticky post…

I’ve installed Epic Launcher.
I’ve verified files (Launch -> dropdown button -> Verify)

… but the Unreal Editor always comes up with 197.1 being the latest version (top right corner).

Has the v200 / Total Conversion devkit files been released yet? Or is Vertebrat’s comment just confusing as all hell?!

Dont think it’s out yet
Can Drake or anyone from dev team just give us a reply to say if it’s going to out today or not? i dont mind it get delay further but … no info for the whole day after they said it’s going to be out today …
Dont think a reply or just a sticky thread will take more than 30s - 1 min to post :confused: (something like Total Conversion got problem, will need more time to noodle it, etc) - so people dont get too much hope up and keep refresh the forum :confused: (and steam)

the 197.1 devkit includes the Total Conversion features. It is the devkit for 200.x

Umm I don’t think so… I can’t see any references to the SoTF mode… nor any indication of how vanilla files would be cooked.

How are you changing a vanilla dino or engram, and making that appear in your mod without using the old method of subclassing?

I’m not completely sure about this, but you can modify vanilla content, instead of copying to mod folder, to create TC mods, and then upload, select ‘Cook Total Conversion’ mod.

Hmm… I’m going to try a more conservative approach first… and copy vanilla files over to my mod folder. I won’t rename them, I’ll just edit them… then click “Cook Total Conversion” and see if that works.

UPDATE: Dragging an dropping the originals into my mod folder didn’t result in any blueprints actually cooking… just non-related files. Going to try modifying files outside of the Mod folder…

UPDATE2: Ok looks like we are editting the vanilla blueprints in the vanilla folders when doing Total Conversion… and going nowhere near the Mod folders. I editted a vanilla PrimaGameData file in its PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprint folder… and upon clicking a Total Conversion cook… the mod loaded and was selectable under Options in the MAIN game menu in the Ark client.

I’ve loaded the mod into a single player game fine… and I’m seeing values appearing so looking all good.

Bodes 2 questions:

  • how do we “undo” mistakes we make when editting vanilla files!
  • how do we work on more than 1 total conversion project at a time (I’m guessing we can’t yet… but not complaining… just stoked that we have TC capability and can balance the game at last!

Well that means there is nothing really new in the amount of data you can access then …
the only thing new is now you can modify the vanilla instead of copy/child …

I was thinking the same thing about directly editing primal game data files… what if i want to do more than one project… As for new stuff i remember reading that it would be a few more days until we received the full SOTF build in the ADK thus giving us full reign to change whatever we want.


i don’t know if the yellow arrow will stay after exciting the dev kit ? if yes then you can always set to default each value that you will change.

the problem is like mike said, if you work on more than one project it’s a pain to do so, i’m really hoping that we still don’t have the complete thing and that when they will give us acces to all the sotf files/other game files we will be able to simply copy/paste vanilla file to another folder ^^

For doing more then 1 mod project, make a new mod folder, you don’t need any files in it, but I copy the Generic Mod files anyway just to have a map in there, and you can then cook another TC mod if you want from there, as for undoing mistakes, you can verify the dev kit and it will redownload any modded files and backup your modded files into a backup folder, so for my mod, I modded stack sizes on all items, then I made my own personal TC mod that edited structures and engrams, I reset inbetween the mods so I’d have a copy of my modded files for each TC I did, all it takes is to copy the backup files and you can start off from where you left off.

Ok I’m piecing this together slowly (will update as I confirm stuff)

  • You edit files directly in the vanilla file structure
  • You cook as a total conversion… and it will compare modded files to original ones and cook only them

The way to restore modded files back to original is:

  • Run Epic Launcher, choose Launch dropdown and pick Verify
  • It will copy your modded files to /Epic Games/Launcer/Backup/ArkDevkit[DateTime stamp] (hereafter known as “The Backup Folder”)

The way to continuing editing your mod is:

  • Copy your good modded files from The Backup Folder… to \Epic Games\ARKDevKit\Projects\ShooterGame\Content (hereafter known as “The Original Folders”) using Windows Explorer
  • Restart DevKit