How do we use Live Update to make our game available instantly?


I am looking through the documentation for using the Live Update feature in Release Management.

The scenario is that we know we want to release on a specific date but the specific time is not decided yet.

My question is, if I set the Launch Date Type = Estimated & Estimated Date Type = Day and set the day we are going live.

Using Live Update, is there a way to make it “Available Now” when we are ready to launch?

Or how does that work when using the Estimated launch type? When does it know to make it available? Or how can we make it available when we want it to on the day.

Sorry I hope my question is clear!

Hey there ML_cc,

The “Live Update” and “Push to Live” features are not the same thing. The Live Update feature is not intended to push your product live. It is mainly utilized for quick and minor bug fixes you need to push for your game that may not require a moderation review.

To make your product available now, you must set a Specific Date. Offers with an estimated or unknown launch date require you to update your offer with a specific launch date and attach at least one binary to the offer’s artifact at least one week before your intended release date.

We hope this answers your question!

Ok so the process would be that I set the Launch date to a specific day. Not a specific time. And I let that sit in Stage as an approved state.

Then on that specified day, when I push to Live, it will be available to download for everyone?

What I am wondering is, currently we have a binary which is approved but it is not our final one. But we have all the other store offers and pages also approved.

The final binary won’t be ready until launch day because of bug fixes. My question is can we do this:

  1. On Launch day, push final binary from Dev → Live
  2. That will overwrite the binary in Stage & Live
  3. Push approved store offers and pages to live

Are we able to do it that way or will that trigger the requirement for a new review in our Stage environment and then blocking us from pushing to live?

Or do I have to do it like this?

  1. Push to Live approved offers & binary (buggy one)
  2. Quickly push from Dev → Live final binary with bug fixes

I hope all this makes sense.

Hey there ML_cc,

Your second scenario is what you would want to do. I’m sure the “push to live” button may seem confusing in thinking that your product immediately goes live once that button is pressed. The “push to live” indicates that you are getting ready to release your product, but keep in mind that our moderation team must review each sandbox stage.

We hope this clarifies everything for ya!

Thanks for the reply.

Just to clarify even further then. The second scenario I highlighed. When we push the final binary to live directly from dev, that doesn’t need to go through review right? As we are updating an already approved artifact.

And we’d only do that after we have pushed the approved artifact that is in our stage env.

This is what we have been doing for about a year now with our closed beta. Pushing client updates directly from the dev environment.