How do we use APEX Destruction?

I don’t know I read somewhere (I think it was in UE4 itself) that I need to install APEX Destruction manually. I have downloaded the APEX SDK
but I don’t think that’s what I am suppose to download. How exactly do I install APEX Destruction onto UE4?

APEX SDK: Gameworks Download Center | NVIDIA Developer

APEX Destruction is already a part of UE4, you can right click on any static mesh and create a destructible mesh out of it, or use 3dsmax to author your own destructibles (This option gives more flexibility, but requires u install the 3dsmax APEX ).

Hi Ignite,

As Ehamlotiran mentioned Nvidias Destructibles and Cloth are included in the engine from the get go and you can use the engine to get the basics of what you would like.

However, if you use the plugins Destructibles for 3Ds Max you can do more. There is a stand alone version of the destructibles for max named PhysX Labs that you can sign up for free and download from Nvidias site.

You will need to play and tweak with the settings to get everything setup the way you would like. It will probably require some time reading through the documentation for Nvidias Destrucibles from their site.

If you have any questions or need help let us know! :slight_smile:


Hi Ignite, i covered apex stuff in my udk video’s and afaik the workflow hasn’t changed for the physxlab stuff, for the cloth side it depends on what 3d programm your using but i do a little on the stand-alone from the sdk in my blender-ue4 playlist

Oh I see, thanks. When I first opened up the Destruction tool a small tutorial came up and I kind of skid through it and saw something about having to get APEX Destruction from NVIDIA’s site. I can see now that it’s already included.

Apex where is it in 5.3?

It was removed a few versions ago, Chaos has completely replaced it now.