How do we share a fork with UE4 subscribers?

Per the Wiki instructions when working with UE4 source, we fork the code.

I’m wondering how do we share our fork with UE4 subscribers?

How can we verify someone is a UE4 subscriber?

If the fork owner is EpicGames, will that verify only subscribers can access the fork?


Latest OUYA Fork of UE4 can be found here:

Documentation can be found here: docs/ at master · ouya/docs · GitHub

The fork by default is private and anyone without a valid UE4 license will get a 404 if trying to browse the fork.

I actually am having an issue still.

User’s even with a valid UE4 license can’t see my private fork.

The only workaround I see is making a Team.

The Team gives you controls to make members of the team have readonly access to the fork, which is what I want.

But the problem with a Team is that it’s not validating if members have UE4 licenses.

So I just need some confirmation from the UE4 team for the best way to go about this?

Should I add someone to the member list from the UE4 team so they have access to the member list, so they can notify me when someone needs removed?

Confirmation would be great thanks!

The user reports seeing a 404 even when they have a UE4 subscription.

Here is a link to the forum post:

With your account you should see the same thing browsing the OUYA Fork:

My intent is that any user with a UE4 subscription should be able to browse my fork without adding them.

Hi tgraupmann,

Could you clarify what you are seeing when you try to let another GitHub user see your fork of the Engine? I just ran some real quick tests with my personal GitHub account. When I was logged into my personal GitHub account (which is linked to my personal UE4 account), I could see the fork of the Engine that I have in my Epic GitHub account. I could also see my personal account’s fork when I was logged into my Epic GitHub account. Neither fork was accessible when I was logged out.

I can see what you are referring to, now. I’ll take a closer look at this next week, but just from taking a quick look at the GitHub account which has that repository, I can’t see the link to a UE4 account. I will do some checking on Monday to see what we can do to make this work for you.

My plan for checking a github user’s organizations isn’t possible because EpicGames is not a public organization so it won’t list it on their profile page…

You can see that by looking at my Organizations which should be listing EpicGames.

I think this is largely a GitHub limitation; all of the licensed UE4 devs are in the EpicGames/Developers team, but you can’t share teams between organizations.

You can, however, view repos for other users within the same team. I think you should be able to see my dusty personal fork of the engine, for example:

So I think the thing to do would be give out a link to a fork of the engine for a specific user, rather than your organization’s fork.

Hi ,

I still can’t verify users are valid UE4 subscribers.

Using my profile as an example, any idea why my organizations public profile doesn’t list EpicGames, while you can see others?

I think what means is that instead of having the fork under your organization, you would make it available as a fork that is on an individual’s account (your account, for example) that is linked to a current Unreal Engine 4 account. In that case, only GitHub users who are currently members of the EpicGames GitHub organization will be able to view the fork. That would mean that they would have to have both an active Unreal Engine 4 account, as well as having it linked to their GitHub account before they could see your fork.

Gotcha. Okay so I’ll just use my workaround and when the plugin is finished, I’ll fork on my personal account and share that one…

That would eliminate the need to verify UE4 accounts.

Here’s my personal fork:

Can any UE4 subscribers verify they have access?

Thanks for the verify!