How do we import rigs from make Human into Unreal Engine?

So that the rigs from make Human don’t end up all in bits and pieces in multiple meshes when importing in the skeleton mesh?

My concern is that if I join the pieces up in blender, and then try to export it out to Unreal it may interfere with the animations.
I also got a model animation blender file of a lady walking in also a white glowing dress, I can import in the mesh, but not import in
her dress clothes. it dosen’t show up in the content browser after the import.

Does Unreal have the ability to also change the orientation of an Animation sequence if its playing the animation from the wrong axis point?

I need to import also the dress so i can texture it in unreal Engine.
Do you guys know why she won’t import in with the dress? The dress shows up in Blender, but not
in Unreal Engine. Puzzling…


MakeHuman to UE4 4.14.x works fine.

Just export your MakeHuman model as FBX and import it in UE4 4.14.x

Makehuman to UE4 works but I would not use it direct but exporting into Blender first. The A-pose of Makehuman differs too much from the UE4 one and does not contain any twist bones. There is a script that fixes some of that issues a bit: Root Motion with MakeHuman? - Animation - Unreal Engine Forums …but usually I’m not using it.

Usually I would do:
Export from Makehuman as DAE with centimeter.
Import into Blender (scenesettings metric and 0.01).

Import a UE4 mannequin to get a clue regarding the pose.
Fix the restpose so the pose is (more) similar to the UE4 one.

Add twistbones and split up the weight painting for lowerarm, upperarm, …

And of course add your own stuff like cloth… do weightpainting for it, …
Afterwards export everything that should be modular with the skeleton. Like Body+skeleton, hair+skeleton, shoes+skeleton. And at import just chose one skeleton (as well as for the animations). You could even export body, hair, shoes, … in one mesh but its easier to stay modular if you export into different files and you would get the skeleton with the import if you it’s relevant regarding animation (you could attach stuff via sockets as well but you could get some small anim lag).

Yes I did get that a skeleton for each animation when I imported in the Golemn monster into Unreal.

I’m using makehuman Ver 1.1.0 so it don’t have the ue4 export on it nor the Ue4 Rig setup so I use the Game Rig instead).
Export out to Collada instead of to FBX? Hmm, dosen’t it work with FBX from make Human into Blender?
So the Grid Scaling is set to metric (is that in centimetres) to 0.01 in Blender (is in scene settings (not in fbx Settings?) before importing from make Human?

The FBX-Importer of Blender is weak. It works… and if you would use the skript then you have to use it even from MH. But usually if you would get something from another app into Blender then FBX is one of the worst formats. You need FBX finally if you export from Blender for UE4. Regerding the scene settings in Blender: New project released by MakeHuman team leader - Community & Industry Discussion - Epic Developer Community Forums

Here’s what I do to get my characters from MakeHuman to UE4 v4.14.3

  1. MakeHuman v1.1.0 has Game Engine rig, I usually export with that from MakeHuman in FBX format with scaling set to centimeters.
  2. Import the FBX file in Unreal Engine.
  3. Set skeleton retargeting with Humanoid rig.
  4. Retarget my existing animations.

Note: I use T-pose while exporting from MakeHuman as I use Mixamo animations that are already have T-pose as rest pose.

There seems to be a mixture of stuff, but make Human seems to be limited in the number of textures you can have on your toon mesh for clothing, but I’m sure you can edit it in Blender and add more textures to it. I still been trying to figure out how to get that girl in the glowing white dress to import into Unreal Engine so that when she imports, she dosen’t leave her dress all behind and end up importing only in her underwear!! She was a Blender Animation File with a Mesh…

She was the Sci-Fi Girl Walkcycles Test (can be typed in google search). She is the girl in the white dress withthe black background, Let me know if you can successfully import her and her dress into unreal engine because I don’t know how to get her dress into the engine from A Blender Animation File. I can get her main mesh in the engine no problems, its just I need to get her mesh dress also in the engine as well as her dress animation.

The model Sci-Fi Girl Walkcycles is avaliable to download on Sketchfab its by a guy called Patrix.

As for the T-Pose, I think Unreal expects A-Pose instead of T-pose, I have a T-pose model, (not make human model) a soldier but he really needs his clavicles bones folded up to get him into the A-pose position otherwise his shoulders will be too square when bringing down his arms into the a pose.

But I think once a model has its mesh skinned on the bones, I am not sure if it can be reversed to
unskin a bone and then shift it and then reskin it again, because I don’t know anything about skinning meshes…

Because the clavicles need to be all folded up in the chest in my t-pose model just as it shows
in the U4 Mannequin rig.



Tried, nothing work here as usual with sk and animations, can you give us a screen of your UE4 import settings?