How do we identify an actor by its name?

So I created a blueprint with a projectile and I want the projectile to collide with everything except itself. For that (I think) I would need to get the name and then
check to see if the name matches the colliding object, if it does, then it won’t proceed. So far this is what I attempted but it fails to work:

Might try a != bool. Grab the Other actor pin and compare to self, then if true do your thang. Just a thought.

Yeah, OP, make sure it’s not your substring causing the issue. Have you verified the compared strings are indeed the same?

Yeah the name of projectile is “Projectile_C” then random numbers. I get the first 10 letters and compare it to Projectile.

Why do you want to do this by name and not simply compare actors or see if something is off the same type?

Hi SentinelSigma,

If you make a new collision channel for projectiles (or specific to your individual projectile if you want it to hit other projectiles), then set your collision on said projectile to custom you can set their collision channel to your new channel and set it to ignore that channel in specific. If you do this you can bypass a lot of the blueprint work you are currently doing.

Oh I can see. I never knew it even existed inside of Project Settings. I tried doing this at first by setting the Collision to preset and ignoring other Projectiles, but I did this in the Project BP’s Components tab and it never worked so I just went and used Blueprints to do it manually. I now tried it in the Collision tab in Project Settings and set it to ignore Projectiles and it worked perfectly. Thanks!