How do we create procedural/modular mesh?

I know this topic has been discussed… but I’m not finding the right information or searching for it incorrectly…

I saw an example video (Epic?) were they used a construction script to generate a (procedural?) fence that automatically made the fence longer when the fence was scaled (instead of stretching the mesh).

Does anyone know where I can find this video? and is there any documentation on this subject? Perhaps I am searching for the wrong keywords?

ANY information would be greatly appreciated!



I could be wrong, but wasn’t that from the blueprint office demo files/stream?

This and many other similar techniques can be found in the Content Examples package on the Marketplace. After you download and launch this you can open different maps containing different examples. I don’t remember which one the fence example is in but there aren’t that many that has to do with Blueprints specifically.

Blueprints advanced has the fence example