How do we add "Projects" to UE4 Launch Screen?

There’s “Engine,” “My Projects,” and “Vault”…how do I add one of my projects to this interface? The search bar seems to do nothing?

Nevermind…realized you CANNOT change the name of your Unreal Projects folder to something different

You can move your project folder to anywhere you want and then browse for it using the launcher. I don’t really understand what you’re having a problem with.

You are in the ‘Library’ tab or section. The ‘Vault’ shows what you’ve bought & downloaded from the marketplace, they aren’t in your projects yet.

In the ‘Library’ tab (left) of your ‘Launcher’ you’ll see quick links to your various projects (on the right), with the ‘Vault’ section (below), you’ll notice each has a yellow tab. Then you have a choice of ‘Add to (existing) Project’ or ‘Create Project’ according to what type of download it is.

Note: When you start a new project and start to name it, you have to change the directory for each project, if you don’t want it in the default directory.