How do this material and texture work?

I recently bought this package on UE4 marketplace POLYGON Adventure Pack in Environments - UE Marketplace

But looking into the materials, I don’t understand why it works the way it does. Here’s the link to screenshots of the BP, the texture and a flower mesh

Could someone please help? Is there another way to change the color of the mesh without changing the material?


Well, I don’t have this package so I can’t check, but I guess that each mesh element UV’s simply matches to a specific part of the texture. Just open a static mesh and take a look at its UV channel 0

Thank you for your response. I looked at both UV channel 0 and 1 but still pretty clueless …

There are many colors on the texture and many faces as seen on the UV channel 1 but how come only 2 colors are applied to the mesh?

I think MAT_PolygonAdventure_01 is a Material Function ? Check its code. It should be using that texture as a texture atlas.

Did you check the link I have in first post? Within the BP editor of the material, the creator has the UV output of the texture links directly to the Base Color, so I’m not sure if its material function.
If not that then maybe the HLSL code? Is that what you mean?

What you posted is how to use texture atlases with material functions.

HLSL shader code should be like this:

Thanks. From what I see, there isn’t any Material expression custom under the Details panel


I keep looking and saw a lot of read-only HLSL code in Windows > HLSL Code (found on the toolbar). Just wasn’t sure whether or not this is custom codes on top of built in UE4 codes.

The whole thing might be insignificant but I’m new to UE4 and just curious of how to achieve this.

Oh and I also contacted the studio, but they replied saying just drop in different materials onto the mesh and see what the possibilities are. I guess I have to elaborate more that I want to know how they control the application of colors within each texture onto certain parts of static meshes.