How do switch between two player start points in BluePrints?,how do I switch between two player start points blueprits?

I want to have a mission, and a tutorial, both in different locations how do i get my character to spawn in one of those locations?,

There function you can override in GameMode (in blueprints there button for override near the add function button) called FindPlayerStart. The call gives you controller that asks for spawn and you return actor that will work as spawn point (dont need to be PlayerStart actully) according to what controller you get and conditions you like.

You can also complitly ignore build in spawn system, set default pawn to none and just manually spawn the actor at location and manually make controller possess it

cant find, Find Player Start.

I didn’t know there was a FindPlayerStart function, so I just did a GetAllActorsWithTag, and made sure each PlayerStart had a different tag and choose the one I want by Tag.