How do set float from blueprint to Animation blueprint?

I am pretty sure this had been answer before but I don’t know what “special word” to ask Google as it refuse to help me…

Hope you guys can. :slight_smile:

How can I do set the float math from blueprint and get float to Animation blueprint to set alpha blend in animation node?

What I am trying doing? I want to press AIM input to toggle between weapon holster and weapon Aim.

Good example -

This pose is only head that look around…


Blend into this

This pose is both head and rifle look around…


And repeat from top.

Both have different AimOffset which that is why most equip weapon YouTube tutorial is fail.

My animation blueprint is work great. I’ve test ‘manual’ change number of alpha float and both way blend in work well.

This is what I need, press AIM button e.g gamepad input/keyboard input/ VR google input. All in one event node to toggle between those two picture.

Set a variable in your character BP and in the anim bp anim graph do Try Get Owner - Cast to yourcharacterBP and get the variable from there.

AnimBP are designed to be very closed environment; you won’t be able to change values in it directly (unless using C++), you’re supposed to make your AnimBP “query” info from outside instead…
So your AnimBP have to constantly read the value from your Blueprint instead of Blueprint sending the value to AnimBP directly.

I got you! Other way around ugh… I better get back on it tomorrow. Should be work :slight_smile: I’ll let you both know if I got it solve. :wink:


Yes it working! but snap animation… I need learn how to “slowing count up/down” math for switch between 0/1… I think its Delta node…

There’s also FinterpTo.

Fail… maybe it’s me.

Finterp To
Finterp ease in out
And other ease node… How do it right?

I’ve try it all and don’t got it work :confused:
What have I done wrong with curve math for smooth switch between 0 to 1?

Well you didn’t post your BP so we have no idea.

I know you all don’t want to heard why I delay or my delay tactic… Most of my freetime roam on web is on smartphone…

[spoiler]Here you go! Finally got on PC and time for internet…
In Player Blueprint… set a Float math.

In Animation Blueprint, apply blend…

hint - there are blueprint in ‘spoiler’

still haven’t solve Finterp in 4.15… hope 4.16 can fix this.