How do people record gameplay? Matinee?

Hi guys,

I’m quite frustrated at this point. I have just been trying to record my game and after too many hours on a small task like this, I didn’t find a solution.

I’m running on a mac, screen capture is not an option, it is not that the app freezes, it goes crazy when I start playing. I tried Sequence recorder, it is quite complicated, still, I managed to record different actors in my scene (I explained how to do that on a different question I posted), but there is no way to record widgets with Sequence Recorder, as far as I learned, and I need to call and interact with them in the game.

So, I tried with Matinee. In order to simplify it, I just opened a fresh first-person game as it is set when you launch the engine. Opened a Matinee legacy, made a director timeline, (no camera added), clicked movie. Then the gun of the character doesn’t show up in the viewport, (I don’t need a gun anyway but I found it weird), I can shoot though, but I cannot move the character, that is the problem. The rendered movie shows some shooting from a static character.

I really appreciate some help. Many thanks. Excuse me my tone, I promise to sound nicer next time.


Hey there!

I’m not sure if you can record gameplay through Matinee, that’s usually used more with camera setups. You’d want to use some sort of screen capturing software. If you have an nvidia graphics card the accompanying software has a really good screen recording feature that has very minimal impact on performance. If you’re having issues with screen capturing while playing, it could be that your specs aren’t sufficient enough to do both at your desired graphic quality/resolution.

Hi, thanks for your reply,

It seems that it is possible to record gameplay with Matinee. At least I saw several threads and tutorials about it (…lay-video.html) but none of them tackled on my character-not-moving problem while recording.

Nvidia is not really thought to run on mac. I really think that recording with the tools inside of the engine is the best option I have.

I hope this may alleviate pain to other people. To record the gameplay with Matinee uncheck Cinematic Mode in Render Movie Settings. Otherwise, your character is not going to move.

I would never had thought that this would be the Problem, thanks for updating this post, you just saved me many hours of painful debugging.

Supposedly Epic will eventually be removing Matinee completely from the editor. Screen capturing software will be your best bet.