How do people get multiple textures into 1 texture & into 1 material?

I’m trying to figure out how people get over 2 textures into 1 texture & into 1 material then putting it on a object perfectly without the texture stretching?

When I make a object.

As you can see I’m using multiple materials to define the object.

The object under is a store purchased object I was looking at to see how they made it with one material.

My texture. 1/4

There texture. 1/1

So what I’m wondering is, how they added that one texture to suit the whole object so perfectly. And their object has only 50kb my object is about 150kb. My object was made on ‘3DS Max’.

My guess is they used some software to do that but what software is it? Anyone know?


If I’m not misunderstanding your question, you’re wondering how they made that single texture wrap the whole object. This is pretty common in 3D modeling packages and 3DS Max most definitely has it. It is called UV mapping / unwrapping and multiple tutorials can be found all over Youtube. As to why their object is smaller, it could be any number of things. However, I’m just going to assume it is the difference in vertex count.

Ok, thanks! :wink: