How do make my characters jump animation play for different directions?

I made an enumeration to change the characters flipbook for different animations. I got my character to double jump and now i want to make him jump a different way if the directional button is different. For example my character has a standing idle animation and when no directional button is pressed then the character jumps straight up, the diagonal arrows are pressed the character jumps diagonally. i tried making it based off of the way the event tick gets the location for the value of x when rotating the character, but it doesnt work. does anyone think they can help me with this? pictures included.

lol sorry for posting this but i seemed to have fixed my problem. here is a picture in case anyone else stumbles upon this question looking for answers. did a simple get velocity compared the floats (<=, >=, nearly=) and plugged it in as the condition for the animation if true. i plug my print string into the false value for debugging.