How do inventories work?

After looking through thousands of blueprint for days now I still have not found out how inventories( Inventory components) work.

Things I have found out so far:

  1. The Inventory Component can be set in the defaults pannel of the character, but not be accessed in the editor graph.
  2. Inventory Components allow to set a bunch of default values (slots, weight …) but those cant be accessed in the editor as well.
  3. Inventory Components seem not to have an array of items in the inventory.
  4. (Especially for tamed dinos) Equipable item types can be set in defaults pannel, but the current equiped item can not be accessed.


  1. How can I add items to an inventory via blueprint then?
  2. How can I transfer items between inventories?
  3. How can i read wich armor/saddle the character is wearing?

If I am just an idiot and have overseen something quite obvious please tell me!
If the things i wanna do are not possible at the moment, please tell me, as well, so i can stop researching!

It sounds like you want a save game editor. As far as I know, the Dev Kit can’t do that.

If I’m wrong, I’m sure someone will reply hehe.

No, a savegame editor is not what i want. I want to let the dino check if he is wearing a saddle and find out, of which class that saddle is.
Or get all overlapping dinos of a sphere and add them a certain item to the inventory.

Hope it got more clear what kind of effect i want to achieve.

I’ve had a little experience with inventories working with playerpawns. One important thing I have learned is that you cannot edit the inventory of anything that is a child/subclass - that inventory is a copy of the parent/master inventory. It can only be changed there on the parent, and the changes will be passed on to the children. So, to modify an inventory in your mod, you need to duplicate the parent in the core files instead of subclassing it. You will be able to edit the spawn inventory (and other info) of your duplicate. At least, as long as what you are duplicating has an editable inventory in the first place, but if it doesn’t, it’s likely that it is a subclass of something. Hover the mouse over any item in the content browser and you can see the classing path in the tooltip. I know your goal is more then to just change the initial spawn inventories, but hopefully this will help in some way.


is it possible to add an extra slot to the player like a wing slot?

Are you able to modify learned engram list? (not on newly created character but during play time via graph)

I spent the last week trying to get a Simple New storage box to Add an Item upon Actor Overlap And all i can say is you cant everything to do with the Inventory can be seen sort of but you cant change it at all through BPs :frowning:

Only thing that im not sure about is Giving the Player Character UI a New slot so you can drag items ect onto But Adding a new Slot for items ect on the skeleton can be done easily.