How do I zoom in and out in editor

OK spent hours searching internet looking for how to zoom in and out while in editor. Started map in ARK but it is very painful to have to use mouse scroll wheel to move in and out while on map.


You can choose the desired object in the viewport or in the world planner. Then press “F”. You will moved to that object, and the camera will rotate around the object with Alt+LBM.

Other hotkeys you can find in this docs:

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Press z. It’s so cool.

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While holding the right mouse button, press C to zoom in and press Z to zoom out.


thanks for this tip

To add a zoom in effect to your video, select the clip and open the editing menu by double-clicking or selecting the pencil icon . Once you’re in the transform tab, you can simply increase the scaling size until you’ve zoomed in to your preferences. This is also a great way to crop out the edges of a video.

Even easier? Right click (hold) THEN Left click holding both and move mouse left and right. No keyboard necesarry.