How do I view logging output?

How can I view the output of logging (from UE_LOG)? Specifically in PIE mode.

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If I understand what you are looking for correctly then the go to “Window” in the top left of the editor and click “Output Log” (17 down for me) … that should dock an output log in your editor…
Change around your editor until you’re happy with it if you wish to see the log and the Viewport at the same time…

I hope that is what you were looking for…

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You could send the output to a log aggregator like Loggly which allows you to read & visualize logs easy. If you sign up for Loggly and get a unique token, you can log to it by using UE_LOG via the following syntax UE_LOG(LogGameMode, Loglevel, LOGTEXT, *URL); Where the URL would be:

Alternatively, you could log to console or file, but I find keeping track of my debug logs in the Loggly cloud allows me to establish trends as to why my game crashes, especially when I’m beta testing it.

Not sure when this has changed, but it is in a different location now.

Click Window → Developer Tools, then you will see Output Log

For the sake of completeness, the console command showlog will render logging information to a dos window. This seems to show different logging information to the Output Log.

Unreal produces a log file which you can find in YourProjectFolder\Saves\Logs. There is a lot of clutter in there that can make it hard to sort through, so if you are using Blueprints to print output messages, you can use this program to get just your messages. It works for both PIE and if you compile the project (at least for Windows).

Also, closing this window will close the Unreal Editor entirely.