How do I verify my account?

Hey! You probably entered an e-mail to register, so log into your email and there should be a link sent by epic to verify your account.

So I have search the website over and over and only got verify install. Please tell me how to VERIFY my account. thanks


if you didnt get an email you can have another sent from this site by logging in then go to the top right of the page where it shows your account name and select personal. there will be a link to get another email on that page

i can’t find it

just go to the email account and search for the verification email. it might be in spam aswell. u sure u put the right email?


I’m assuming by that you are experiencing the same issue?

At the top right of this page hover your mouse over your username and select Personal, then next to your email address click the Resend Verification Email option.

If you entered the wrong email address you will need to contact Epic Account Support by filling out this form:

I want to change username

thanks guys

i want to change my user name