How do I use the UEditorLevelLibrary in Visual Studio?

Hi Everyone,
I am a real noob in programming cpp in UE4, so maybe my question is pretty easy to answer. :slight_smile:
I installed the Plugin “EditorScriptingUtilities” and I want to use one of the given functions in my Visual Studio File. I am not sure, why it doesnt find the Class UEditorLevelLibrary…
I would be very thankful for a quick answer,
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Though UEditorLevelLibrary is derived from UBlueprintFunctionLibrary, it is not declared in BlueprintFunctionLibrary.h

UEditorLevelLibrary is in a separate module.

Try this include:

#include <../Plugins/Editor/EditorScriptingUtilities/Source/EditorScriptingUtilities/Public/EditorLevelLibrary.h>

I guess I should add the answer to the question “how did you figure this out?”

  1. I downloaded the UE4 source code following these instructions (Downloading Unreal Engine Source Code | Unreal Engine Documentation)

  2. I use the Visual Assist plugin for Visual Studio (

  3. It has a feature that lets me type the line of code you were having trouble with in a C++ project file and then with a context drop-down select “Add Include” which produced the line of code I’ve provided above. It’s a very handy feature and if you code in C++ with UE4 a lot, that alone is worth the US$99 personal licence cost!

(I have no affiliation with the makers of Visual Assist)

Thanks Mate. I included your path and I also included the plugin name in the Build File of my project. I simply followed this article: