How do I use the timeline to alter the scale of an object?


I want to stretch the object on the X-axis for 2 seconds and then set it back to the beginning without moving the object.

I have altered the pivot point of the mesh to one side.

I have experimented with the float option and vector option on the timeline with no luck. All that happens is that the object disappears.

Any help would be appreciated, or any other methods to achieve this would be great. Thanks!

alt text

Make a curve that goes from 0 to 1, and use Lerp with it. It will be much easier to control and keep track of your values.

Hey! First you should save the scale of the object then add or multiply it with the timeline value. If you only set it as I can see in your pictures the object at 0 seconds will be 0 scale and at the end 0 again. Try it like this. I hope it helps :slight_smile: