How do I use the TapJoy Plugin

I have enabled it in the editor.

Now I need to know how to call it from a Blueprint



There are Blueprint Library Functions for showing/hiding the ad. Look for Show Ad Banner and Hide Ad Banner.

You will also need the default provider registered in your INI file.


I added this code to the DefaultEngine.ini in my project (I am using Tappy Chicken for now), and when I start the game on my IOS Device, a message stating that iostapjoy failed to load because module IOSTapJoy could not be found.

I tried running and re-built the game for iOS and the Engine for Mac and I don’t think that IOSTapJoy is being complied.

Can you help?



Did you enable the plugin in the editor? If it’s not listed in your .uproject file, it won’t get compiled in

I am still not able to get around the problem of the app not find the plugin

Here are the exact steps:

  1. Download install the engine and ios game projects
  2. Change DefaultProviderName to “IOSTapJoy” in Engine/Config/IOSEngine.ini
  3. Run the newly built engine
  4. Create project based on the blueprint puzzle game example
  5. Enable the plugin
  6. Modify DefaultEngine.ini, adding
  7. Restart the engine
  8. Double check the the plugin is enabled
  9. Add blueprint logic to call the plugin
    10 Compile the blueprint
  10. Launch the app on my ios device

Before the game starts the message
"Plugin IOSTapjoy failed to load because module IOSTapJoy could not be found. Please ensure…

Do you see what I am doing wrong?

Note that I am using a Mac for all of this.



Those are the steps that I did for my plugins, so I am at a loss as to why it’s not working. I’ll have QA take a look at it.

I will patently await your reply


BTW, I am using version 4.4

I was finally able to build from a windows machine using remoteBuildTool on a mac with enabling all of the same things you mentioned above. I even have a timer calling show top / hide / show bottom / hide with delays and NOTHING is showing up. I did all of the steps mentioned above as well…

I’m on 4.6 source w/a c++ project using remote build.

FYI. We upgraded to 4.7 and the process is more more bug free. However, we still don’t see anything: Updated the other ticket:

Hi jeff.

I’m also tired to setup third party. :slight_smile:

I’ve seen those questions because I would like to use and setup a third party ads in UE4.
Have you solved the problem?
If you have some way to solve this problem, please tell me how to build and how to modified plugin.

I believe that somewhere they need to have your tapjoy account so they know who to pay, right?