How do I use the Set Morph Target function?

So, there’s a blueprint function called Set Morph Target…but I can’t figure out how to use it.

I’ve got a skinned mesh and associated Animation Blueprint to make her run around and jump and all of that, like in the standard third person demo project. The mesh has morph targets included, and you can test them out in Persona and they work fine. But trying to actually set a morph target in the anim graph just doesn’t seem to do anything. Is there any documentation or examples of how to get this to work?

Short version…How do I set a morph target from within the anim blueprint? Is that possible?

Wow, nobody answered this one in 3 years… sorry I was just poking around looking for something, but it is actually fairly simple, in UE4.15 you can simply call SetMorphTarget from within the EventGraph of the Animation Blueprint, as that is the Anim Instance. Provide it with the name of the morph target, and the weight.

I am doing it from the Animation Initialize event, as I want to use it for character customization.

But you can also drive them using animation curves, although I have not done that yet, the documentation is quite good.

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