How do I use the same landscape for different maps in one Project?

So apparently i am quite new to unreal.
I deleted my landscape and in an attempt to undo it by shortcut i pressed safe-shortcut instead. Now I need to get my landscape back on my latest version of the map. I still got the landscape on older backups from the map. How can I transfer a landscape between different maps in one Project?
Thanks in advance!

Hello I_IBariothI_I, welcome to the unreal community.

There are a couple way to accomplish this.
Right clicking the landscape, select Level/CreatePackedLevelActor, then save, go to the other level, drap+drop the BPP that was created and right clicking it and unpacking it.

You can also export the height map by going into landscape mode, going to the Manage tab, selecting the Import tab, select Export and overwrite an .png. From there, you can explore importing the png.

I hope this helps.

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It worked, thanks a lot!

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