How do I use Steam for WIPs?

Howdy all;
I am getting to a point with my prototype that I would like to share it with a small group of people for testing. I could have sworn I saw somewhere on steam there is a way to do this. I saw greenlight, but green light seems to be only for mostly completed games that are looking to publish. I need an area with a page where I can hand out keys and such to a select few people. Does anyone happen to know how I can use steam or where on steam to find a section to do this on? Or I supposed if steam even does have a section for early development.
Any help is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

You need to be greenlit first, we can share ours to anyone we add tot he project on steam AFTER we were greenlit. Otherwise for alpha testing we just package and have a 5$ server to distribute it from, you could also use a local svn or dropbox if it isn’t too large. We couldn’t even upload so much as a demo before being greenlit so I highly doubt they have something for early developers.

What Ddproductions83 says is true. In order to get an AppID for Steam you need to be greenlit, and you need an AppID to be able to distribute your game via Steam.

All that said, I think it’s worth mentioning that Greenlight isn’t only for mostly-completed games. I have seen plenty of games in early alpha or even prototype/concept stage make it through greenlight. If you can show some gameplay and nice art then people will upvote it if they can see the potential. :slight_smile: If you’re not expecting to publish on Steam any time in the near future though then what Ddproductions83 is probably a good way to go.

I’ve been personally using Gamejolt to share my files to a select people. You can generate keys and add new builds to it, I definitely recommend it for very early WIP projects.

Good to know!

5$? not a bad investment if you end up selling a couple hundred thousand extra copies.

Thank you all so very much for the info. I totally had the wrong idea of how things were supposed to go so thank you for getting me in the know. :slight_smile: I shall drop box until I get much farther along

Hi, we’re thinking to distribute our project through Greenlight but first we want to try the Steamworks SDK.
Since as others mentioned we need an AppId to integrate/use Steamworks SDK to distribute on Greenlight/Steam, we would to understand, if we upload a concept does we’ll receive an AppId to test Steam features (like in-game transactions)? We also read that the project will become public to Greenlight Users only after the developer set the project to “Public”. Is this true?