How do I use physics to make player bounce & break objects?

Hello Everyone,

I am just starting out with UE4 and seem to be struggling a bit with simple physics mechanics and constraints.

Desired Functionality: My player shoots a certain location in the environment and changes its properties so they can bounce off of it on a component overlap.
Problem: I was doing this by using Launch character but that proposed a few challenges. I wouldn’t be using any type of physics by using “Launch Character”. This means that there would be no measurable force / units I can use for a secondary type of mechanic I had. I need a way to measure force and to modify my bounce height depending on where I jump from. Higher the altitude, higher I jump.

My second mechanics works VERY Closely with the first. I need to find a measurable unit / way to calculate how much force was applied when I bounced back off of the blue wall. If force is equal to an amount >= a custom variable I create, then the red wall gets destroyed. The concept seems incredibly easy, but my mind is overthinking it too much. Please advise, thanks!!