How do I use Panner with WorldAlignedTexture?

I want to use Panner with WorldAlignedTexture. WorldAlignedTexture hasn’t UV pins… How can I do this? I need this to make my river by spline tools.

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Linking in the forum post you have for this as well:

Simply take a vector (your desired 3d panning direction), multiply it by a scalarparameter you call “speed” and also multiply that by time. Then add that result to the AbsoluteWorldPosition node which you plug into the world aligned blend worldposition input.


HI, i know this is very old but can i request a simple picture showing this? I am trying to achieve a panner for the world aligned texture node but all i get is errors.

So I know this is an old question, but here is a picture. (Red value can be used for X-Axis movement) I used Green for Y-Axis movement.


It works. Thank you.

Worked Thanks!

Just wanted to add a photo to this post since the original is missing.

This is my setup for a rain normal panning down in the Z axis: