How do I use open level?

Hey, so I’m trying to make it in my game to where when they touch an object it switches to the next level. Whenever I click play and touch the object, the game crashes. Here’s a screenshot of the blueprint: Screenshot by Lightshot
Does anybody know how to fix it or what I’m doing wrong? I feel like im not using it right. Thanks

You are using OpenLevel properly here so it is likely that your problem comes from your “OpenAsset” function (You should give the detail of it if you want more info). What does this warning mean ?
My guess is that you are not getting the asset you want and the game crash because of some nullptr coming somewhere.

The warning is: “Warning Function Open Asset is protected and can be called only from its class or subclasses”

Check from where you called your function. You probably have a NULL reference at that moment which causes the crash before actually getting to the “OpenLevel” node.

I just right clicked the cube object and went to add event and then clicked onHit. Is this correct?

You are trying to open an asset that is already, in a sense “Open.” This causes your program/OS/CPU to go instantly, totally insane, attempt to divide by 0, and then commit suicide, resulting in a crash. Just remove the “Open Asset” node entirely and your BP should work as intended, provided you have collision and everything else on the object you are touching ingame setup right.