How do I use one keyboard input to use multiple teleporters?

I’m currently new to UE4 and I was wondering how I could code my level blueprint so that my keyboard input (E) can teleport me between multiple box collisions. For instance, I currently have coded a two way teleport using the Q and E keys to travel. Using the same key (E), I want press it as I’m entering a new box collision and appear in a new region of my level.

The main problem is that the code sends me directly back to the two way teleporter.

Simply put, I want my two keyboard inputs to be universal throughout my game instead of constantly changing which keys activate which box collision events.

At the moment, I’ve set one of my keyboard inputs to R to help with the production of the project but it’s only temporary. Can I get some advise please? I’d very much appreciate it.

maybe try a flip flop?