How do I use Google Play Services?

Hello Everybody!

How do I use Google Play Services? I am not looking for info on how to setup my game to use Google play. I used the guide here, and I am good to go.

How do i use Google Play Services within Unreal Engine 4. I see examples in Tappy Chicken that communicate with Google Play Leaderboards, what about GPS’s networking, etc?

Are you using C++ or Blueprints?

I will explain it to you:


In your config you have to specify GooglePlay as your OnlineSubsystem. To look how to do this look in the OnlineSubsystem documentaion.


First uncomment the OnlineSubsystem part in your BuildScript.

You can obtain an OnlineSubsystem pointer by


From there you can get different Pointers for example to Achievement Interface or Leaderboard Interface.
For the functions look github/UnrealEngine.

GooglePlay implements the following interfaces properly:
ExternalUI (to display the info).


Look the Tappy Chicken example project to see which nodes are there and how they are used, it is a good example!

Thanks birdfreeyahoo for your reply! You have pointed me in the right direction.

I am using blueprints. I want to implement Google Play’s match making functions using blueprints (Tappy bird does not cover this).

They have opened a thread to try to explain this:

I hope you can reach to the point I am stuck (I connect to google play game in development mode, but I cant connect in distribution mode … and I have no idea why… please if you reach at this point or pass through it let me know)