How Do I Use Google Maps For My World?

This is the kind of game I want to make:

I want to take actual locations from Google Maps and use them as my world in UE4 for a top down game like C3O, but I do not know how. At the very least I would like to know how to get a location from Google Maps, and have it overlayed on the tile so I can work from there.

My idea is to use Google Maps for the world and edit the locations so you can go inside the buildings and such. I am not sure if I want to build upon the setting and have a 3D environment or not. Any help would be appreciated.

You would have to program that yourself or hire someone to do that. It would require using the Google Maps API and integrate it with UE4

You might run into legal issues here.
Google map data belongs to google and is subject to licensing restrictions.
See: Google Maps Platform FAQ  |  Google for Developers

They also don’t really legally allow you to use 3d reconstructed models of cities (like tokyo)

That’s a bit weird, because the game that I linked to uses actual Google Map locations, and they are selling their game. Hm…

I assume you are referring to “Zombie Outbreak Simulator” on Android / Google Play. From what I understand, the game includes in-app purchases, but is actually available to download for free. So, there’s no purchase required. This, from what I can tell, allows the usage of the Google Maps API without charge, as explained below:

Obviously, Class 3 Outbreak, which is accessible through a browser and is free-to-play, falls under this as well. That means they aren’t required to license the API from Google.

There are, however, a number of situations where you would be required to license the Google Maps API. This would also apply for games that don’t offer a free version, I believe. See below:

Presumably this is correct. Though, to be sure, it’s probably best to get in touch with Google themselves. As aforementioned by NegInfinity, more information can be found here: Google Maps Platform FAQ  |  Google for Developers

Not a good Idea

Hi Solosurvivor.
Actually there are many countries which do not allow google to run in their region. So it is not possible for you to get maps of these cities. Moreover, there are slim chances for you to get access of complete city maps from google itself.
But I wish you get your desired thing for your game.
Good Luck.

There are other providers of GIS data than Google, check OpenMaps as an example. Depending on what you need and how detailed maps should be you could even simply buy an offline package with necessary information.