How do I use Glossy textures

Basically I have a charcter FBX model and it imported without applying the materials. I have one diffuse, specular, normal and gloss textures. I know how to hook all of the rest of the textures to a material but the gloss texture confuses me. I heard someone on the net say that you have to hook it up to a lerp node or something but I can’t find a standered lerp node with A/B/ Alpha pin. Does anyone know how I go about using gloss textures in my material? I’d really appreciate any support with this! =)

No one likes replying to my posts it seems either that or I guess they don’t know. =/


A gloss texture is an inverted roughness texture. Plug that texture into a OneMinus node and then into the roughness slot and you should be good.


So Gloss Texture is also the equivalent of a Specular Texture?

No. It’s the equivalent of an inverted roughness texture.

Glossiness/Roughness and Specularity are two different things

You should also uncheck sRGB for the glossiness/roughness texture.

Why though? When unchecking sRGB you get an error

[SM5] (Node TextureSample) TextureSample> Sampler type is Color, should be Linear Color for /Game/Meshes/Microwave/BOSCH_BFL_634_GB1_gloss.BOSCH_BFL_634_GB1_gloss