How do I use Glossy textures

Basically I have a charcter FBX model and it imported without applying the materials. I have one diffuse, specular, normal and gloss textures. I know how to hook all of the rest of the textures to a material but the gloss texture confuses me. I heard someone on the net say that you have to hook it up to a lerp node or something but I can’t find a standered lerp node with A/B/ Alpha pin. Does anyone know how I go about using gloss textures in my material? I’d really appreciate any support with this! =)

No one likes replying to my posts it seems either that or I guess they don’t know. =/


A gloss texture is an inverted roughness texture. Plug that texture into a OneMinus node and then into the roughness slot and you should be good.


So Gloss Texture is also the equivalent of a Specular Texture?

No. It’s the equivalent of an inverted roughness texture.

Glossiness/Roughness and Specularity are two different things

You should also uncheck sRGB for the glossiness/roughness texture.

Why though? When unchecking sRGB you get an error

[SM5] (Node TextureSample) TextureSample> Sampler type is Color, should be Linear Color for /Game/Meshes/Microwave/BOSCH_BFL_634_GB1_gloss.BOSCH_BFL_634_GB1_gloss

Yes that is correct. You should use the linear color sampler or other sampler that is linear, like mask if you are using individual RGB components.

The point is that sRGB color space modifies the values to better represent the final color you see. But for values like roughness, specular, metallness etc you need to use the exact value to have the physically correct result.

The good example is that when you want to have a 50% grey material, you need to use value of 0.18 instead of 0.5 because of that sRGB gamma correction. And so when you use a texture for lets say roughness, you don’t want that value to be modified by sRGB color space.