How do I use GetControlledPawn() from AAIController?

Bit of a bear trying to figure this out. What is the basic usage of this function? Can never get it to return the pawn. Also tried getcharacter with little luck. Certainly I’m missing some basics on this.

Does this controller offically posses the pawn not just control it??

Just control, but perhaps that’s the issue. Might be that my understanding of “possess” is flawed. Most of what I’ve seen of this is in regards to camera control and I was under the impression that a controller could only possess one thing at a time.

One of the end goals for my project is a large number of AI bots, each using the same AIController class which each uses it’s own location data as a part of the the AI functions.

Once structs are available in blueprint I might not need C++ for this; however this will also use a number of line trace operations, which seem to bog down the performance in BP vs C…so, hoping that I can find a C++ solution.