How do I use enhanced input action for my car game

Hey There,

I am working on a car game and I am using UE5.1. Axis and action mappings have now been deprecated so I am facing errors with the default input action and axis. How do I use enhanced input action for my vehicle movement.

The tutorials i checked are using the first and third person template so I would love to know how to integrate enhanced input action to my project

Enhanced input must be correctly set up in the project settings- inputs

Once this is done You , have to To create some assets fot the key mapping

Its a box system… you create a input action , and place it inside a mapping context.
and mapping context are added to the “Enhanced input local Player Subsystem”
you need to to this via blueprint i think

And then you are free to use Enhanced input action

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I have done that. But I am a beginner, So which values should I place for vehicle movement instead of axis and action mappings

Hi Orieoz, Welcome to the Forums,

The vehicle template shows an implementation of this.

So you’d create the Input Mapping Context and Action assets, then you’ll see what you’ve named them. (Example in picture is throttle) in your Blueprint nodes.


Thanks a lot. I really appreciate