How do I use/create custom pickup blueprints?

Hi guys!

In kismet it was so incredibly easy to make simple gameplay logic using the various comparison nodes etc., but this seems more difficult to do using blueprint. Let`s say I have a door in my scene, that can only be opened if I collected three different pickups around the level. How would I set this up using blueprint? Is there an easy way to “store” the pickup items I collect and then compare them with a ruleset of some kind or is this where I need to boot up Visual Studio and dive into C++?

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Hey Brokenpoly,

Check out the Content Examples and the Level Scripting map, it has some excellent references to what you are looking for.


Hey Brokenpoly,

When/if you find what you are looking for, please post it back up here. I also am very interested to the answer to this problem. :smiley:

Check out p.29 here: Collecting Items via Blueprint Communication
My little tutorial.

What a fantastic resource Tom! This one should be spread to the masses and a golden statue should be made of you, in your honor :slight_smile: Had a quick look at the pickup-setup earlier this morning, but as my brain takes a while to wake up, I didnt grasp everything at first. It doesnt really help that my brain is quite incompatible with logics and scripting either, but this presentation will be read with joy today! Thank you Sir!

Thanks! Honor being the thing, it has to be said you’ll still find the real gold in UDN (and Unreal Engine on youtube), and the content examples. I’m just writing stuff down so I’ll know where to look it up again when I forget.

Thanks man! I completely forgot about those. Will check them out asap!

I realize this thread is a bit old, but maybe this will help anyone that stumbles across it in future searches. Here’s a quick example of a coin pickup I was playing around with. I have a HUD BP with the coins variable and an AddCoin function. Here’s what I have in my CoinPickup BP:

The only components are the coin SM and a sphere trigger volume. Any questions, feel free to ask.