How do I use ANY of the default SPropertyEditor widgets

As far as i can tell you can’t which is a shame because they have a ton of customizeability. I’ve been trying to use SNew(SPropertyEditorAsset, AssetProperty) so that i can tweak all of the customizations it has but whenever I try to include it I get Can't open include file "Presentation/PropertyEditor/PropertyEditor.h"

I have Slate, Slate Core, Property Editor, and Input Core all included in the build.cs so and it seems like the missing file is in property editor. So I’m wondering if anyone has actually been able to get it to work with SNew().

I see the SPropertyEditorAsset declared in this file:


So you’d include:

#include "UserInterface/PropertyEditor/SPropertyEditorAsset.h"

You should also have PropertyEditor module added in the build.cs

I have tried including that header and if I do then SPropertyEditorAsset.h throws an error that it can’t include Presentation/PropertyEditor/PropertyEditor.h

Also like i said in the question i already included PropertyEditor in the build cs

Edit: I tried to include “UserInterface/PropertyEditor/SPropertyEditorAsset.h” and it claims no such file exists. If I go with the VAX default #include "../Private/UserInterface/PropertyEditor/SPropertyEditorAsset.h" then i get U:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_4.24\Engine\Source\Editor\PropertyEditor\Public\../Private/UserInterface/PropertyEditor/SPropertyEditorAsset.h(19): fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'Presentation/PropertyEditor/PropertyEditor.h': No such file or directory

Had a closer look. you won’t be able to use this class as it is not exposed. The files are in Private folder and they class is not exported (it doesn’t have PROPERTYEDITOR_API after the class name)

ok good to know thank you. shame they aren’t exposed at all