How do I use Android Online Subsystem?

Hey, I am trying to make an online game for Android mobile platform but I’m quite clueless as to how to go about doing this. So far I’ve been following a Wes Bunn tutorial for steam and have created my own project to a point where it’s nearly complete and I wish to now transfer all that I’ve done to Android. In his tutorial, Blueprint Multiplayer: Find a Match Graph | 11 | v4.11 Tutorial Series | Unreal Engine - YouTube, at 31:52, he mentions that if I were to use another online subsystem, or choose to just use LAN, I could remove some of the code that’s steam specific and just change the DefaultPlatformService to equal null. Would this be all that I’m required to do to get it working? Thanks for any help! (Please be specific in what to do though as I’m totally clueless about how to proceed from my current stage)

Edit: I’ve changed the DefaultPlatformService to null in the defaultengine.ini file, packaged the game and run it on my phone already, but the online functionality still doesn’t work. I’m running my game using listen servers instead of a dedicated server. Previously while testing on my PC, everything worked in steam and I was able to get my laptop and my pc to play online. But with android I’m not even able to host a game. Do I need to create a Playstore account first and upload the game for testing on the playstore before I am able to test the online functionalities?

Hello guys i’m trying to do exactly the same thing , but that doesnt work. Have you succees to do this ? If yes , Can you explain me how to do with the more detaille as you Can please? thanks you .

Sorry I’m still stuck on this as well, literally don’t know how to proceed from here on :\

Does someone know an answer?

you can follow that, how to do the setup
its same process with google play OSS

This is old. But looks like a solution was never found … and I hope to find one …