How do I use an Audio Volume?


I’m attempting to have an underwater sound fade in and out based on if the player is underwater, so I placed an audio volume into my level and set an ambient sound actor inside it with some looping audio.

I then set my ambient zone settings on the volume to Interior Volume = 0 and Interior LPF = 0. As I understood it, this would make the ambient sound inaudible outside of the volume, but it did not… Have I misunderstood something?

Don’t you have to have soundclass? And make that ambient sound use that certain soundclass, whatever you name it to.
Then every sound outside that water ambient sound with the volume should be the “exterior volume”? Or am I wrong?
Interior Volume is the space within the Audio Volume.

I created a sound class named “Environmental” which I assigned to the sound actor, however, that did not do anything readily apparent. Should I do something with the class, or do I have to set it somewhere in the volume as well?

EDIT: Nevermind, found it! Thanks a lot for your help :slight_smile:

Hey Edo! It was very simple - all you have to do is create a soundclass and tweak the ambient zone values of that class. Then, you can assign it to your cue or sound actor and it’ll just work. If you need screenshots, I can send you some :slight_smile:

Hi Jargon. I’m having the same struggle here. I cannot get the audio volume to work. How did you solve? Thanks!

hey jargon. I still couldnt fix this issue . Can you put some screenshots?


Sorry for the delay. Here are some screenshots:

This is inside a fresh SoundClass I named Music. The most important thing is circled in red.

After that, you have to assign this class to your SoundCue, like this:

After that, it should work just fine :slight_smile:

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sorry, when i follow your step, but it does not work, can you make it detail?

Thank you so much, I didn’t see anything talking about this before. :slight_smile:

…And it works!