How do I use AimOffset like this?

AimOffset Link

Hey ,

You can follow this tutorial here, which should give you a starting point for your own characters:

The tutorial makes it with a free roaming camera.

If I use controller yaw it fixes the camera but just turning this off during Idle phase is not good enough. If I spin the camera around during idle then start to move, the character skips a beat and moves towards the camera face direction…

Maybe the answer is to make WASD move the character towards the upperbody face direction?

Oh, are you using the Third Person Template?


basically the turn in place animation which occurs at specific yaw values of aimoffset still allow for the character to move at any point without snapping to the forward direction but the weapon will always hit the crosshair if there is no weapon spread

Change the following settings and it should be closer to the video:

CharacterMovement: Orient Rotation To Movement = false

CharacterMovement: Use Controller Desired Rotation = true

Camera: Use Pawn Control Rotation = true

Check out this video: - YouTube

This is my problem though…when I turn then move because of the AimOffset the lowerbody glitches the character.

Also my turn animation looks bad when it is played past a speed of 1…so how do I fix up looking behind the character (where the upperbody is not aimed at the crosshair anymore?)