How do I use a line trace to keep my object level while also adding force?

I have tried for a few days without getting the results I want so I’m hoping someone with more knowledge can help.

What I am trying to do is have something hover above the ground by using a line trace as a simple spring to add force to my object. This bit works as intended.

The issue is that I also want to level my object to the ground, for this I am using the impact normal of the line trace. And creating a rotation from this and the forward vector of my object. This should work in theory, but I think the spring and the “levelling” blueprints are fighting each other. Causing my object to lag and then shake as you can see from the following video.


Here is my blueprint for levelling, I have also tried RInterp before setting rotation but that didn’t work either.

So, any advice would be most welcome, I have already trawled Reddit, youtube and UE4 Answers hub.

Thanks! I’m still not sure what I was doing wrong but I followed your blueprints and changed the SetLocation logic to an AddForce logic, with the force vector coming from the normal of the hit. With a bit of tweaking I think it will be exactly how I want it. Here’s an example:

The code looks ok, I’m wondering if it’s how you are tick / interp.

This cube monitors the distance and angle of the object underneath it:






Looks great :slight_smile:

What sort of frame rate are you getting with all that grass? ( Looks lovely )