How do I use a Character Pawn in place of the Player Start?

I want to use the character blueprint as the start spot instead of the player start actor.

I’m currently working on a mechanic where you’re able to possess different characters.

It references Ptimea and Character2. The Player starts as Character2, but my problem stems from that because I can only figure out how to make them start at a specific spot using the Player Start actor. So, when I do this, it’ll spawn another Character2 the first time (because of the boolean logic) and then switch between Ptimea and the new Character2. But, I know that it is possible to have the Character blueprint be the start location because in the Third Person Blueprint it does just that (and it uses that BP for the possession tutorial in the UE4 documentation).

I just don’t know how to do that. I’ve looked in the level bp, the character bp, and the project settings and didn’t see anything different than what I have in my game (I’ve also googled it a bunch of different ways trying to find an answer). If anyone could show me or point me to a tutorial or something, it would be much appreciated!

You need to set “Auto Possess Player” on the character in the map.

I hope this solves your problem
First config “Default PawnClass” in Game Mode to “Default Pawn”
now if you have a character select it and Disable “Auto Possess Player” in “Pawn” section
next open “Level Blueprint” and in “Event Begin Play” make your reference to your characters
and finally, make your logic for change character in it



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Thank you so much for your reply!

That’s definitely what I was looking for for this situation!

Thank you so much for your reply!

I think this is something that I’ll use once I get past the beginning phase I’m in.