How do I Upload a .ipa file to App Store Connect?

I’ve been using Application Loader to upload my apps to App Store Connect, but with Xcode’s new update they’ve disabled Application Loader, so I can’t upload my apps the way I know how. I know there’s a way using Xcode, but I have no idea how. I work with BP only so I don’t have anything I can even open in Xcode.

I had to go into Window > Organiser > Archives in xcode
But the archive will only show up if you tick the Generate Xcode Archive Package tickbox (When exporting from ue4).

As a second alternative that I’m using right now:
Go to terminal and edit it.

xcrun altool --upload-app --type ios --file "/Users/macbook/Desktop/Distro_ProjectName_IOS-Shipping.ipa" --username "Apple Developer Mail Address" --password "App-Specific Password"

Unfortunately there is no any progress bar or upload status but it’s working.

This worked for me:

xcrun altool --validate-app --file "$IPA_PATH" --username "$APP_STORE_USERNAME" --password @keychain:"Application Loader: $APP_STORE_USERNAME"

xcrun altool --upload-app --file "$IPA_PATH" --username "$APP_STORE_USERNAME" --password @keychain:"Application Loader: $APP_STORE_USERNAME"

There is a new uploader app from Apple, you can download from mac app store.
Tha name is: “Transporter”

Hi, does anyone know how to use this new way of uploading with an ipa from XCode10?
The new methods fail.

The certificates where called “ios distribution”, now there is only “Distribution” and the developer site states that these are only supported by XCode11 and later.
I guess this is the reason why neither AppStoreConnect, nor Xcode or Transporter work.

(need to use UE4.22.3 and Xcode10 because of ARKit bug in later versions of UE4)

Hi, I use “Transporter” app from Apple, it’s quit easy to use to upload ipa to App Store Connect.

Ok, so my assumption was wrong. It is still possible to create XCode 10 app-ids and provisioning profiles. These do work with Transporter just fine.