How do i upgrade from 4.8 to 4.9 ?

Hey all,

I just started using it with 4.8 and now there’s 4.9, I thought the launcher would just update as in most things (mostly games like Steam, lol, wow etc) but nothings been happening.
Ive gone through the settings and cant find anything really.

What are the ways I can upgrade my UE to 4.9 ? Whats the normal way and what would it affect, do I need to change my projects after, if so, how?

Thanks a lot in advance!


First you need to download 4.9, this can be done by opening the launcher -> Library tab -> Add Versions -> 4.9. Once you’ve downloaded & installed 4.9, you’ll need to launch 4.9, and then open your project, this will convert it to the latest version.

Or just do a right click on your uproject file - switch unreal engine version - ok - start the project -> that’s how I do it :slight_smile:

Pro tip: Make a backup of your game project before updating it to the next version of the engine!

Why? Sometimes, your game assets can’t be converted to the updated version of the engine (as is my case). If you can’t migrate or import those assets, you’ll have to be able to go back to your backup and manually recreate those missing assets and copy/paste them into the upgraded project.

Pro Tip #2: Also backup your engine, especially if you’ve built it from source or made any modifications to it. You need to be able to restore your game from a backup and run the compatible editor which can open that version of the backup without converting anything.

I’m new to Unreal Engine. Thx for the tips. I just upgraded to 4.11 and it didn’t import some of my assets correctly. Ugh, I hate to recreate any of that manually, but if there’s no other way? I guess I have to :frowning:

I don’t see 4.9 listed. It stops at 4.26.1

4.9 is like 4-5 years old. The numbering goes like this: 4.0 -> 4.9 -> 4.10 -> 4.11.-> [4 years later] -> 4.26 -> UE 5.0, ehm