How do I update my UT2014 project via Github?

since I updated my UE4 build to 4.3, my master project of Unreal Tournament 2014 isn’t compatible with my engine, and couldn’t be converted either. So I went to the GitHub to check for a compatible version, and the project apparently was nowhere to be found. What is happening ? How do I update my UT2014 project ?

well I get a 404 on the link you give me :confused: I’m still a subscriber so why does that happen ?

wait, your second link does work. I’ll get back to you when I’ve tried it in the latest engine. Thanks for your help.


I’ve not updated my version of UT in a few weeks so I took the opportunity to go and get a fresh copy from GitHub,

I went to the UT section of GitHub here: [ ][1]

I hit download zip as highlight below and was able to load up the latest build of UT with the engine version I selected when I opened the UnrealTournament project file in the folder. In this instance I used 4.3 with no issues.

Let me know if this helps or if you’re still having trouble.


Just an aside about the link. You have to be logged into GitHub for the link to work. Sorry, forgot to mention that. :slight_smile: