How do I update my characters movement using a slowmotion controller

My character is a superhero with the ability to slow down time and uses superhero flight pack from the marketplace, but while in slow motion his flying movement is not right. When trying to fly up or down he does not look in that specific directions up or down instead he looks straight ahead but can move up and down and I have no idea what im doing wrong. Im still new to unreal engine and working on this project for my development class, any help would be appreciated!

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Hey @anonymous_user_b49a27f5! Welcome to the Forums!

A few questions/requests to kick things off:

  • Would you mind sharing your animations blueprint, as well as what you are using for flight movement (code/blueprints)?
  • Does this only happen when you “slow time”?
  • Would you mind linking a video or showing a gif that demonstrates the problem?

Any additional information will be a big help in solving your problem!

Yes this only happens when using the slow time. The 2 photos are showing the character going upwards.

Doesn’t seem like anyone knows how to help :sweat_smile: