How do I update a 3rd party (git) dependency?


I need to update the iOS Facebook SDK to the latest version due to iOS9 compatibility issues (sigh). However, the Facebook SDK is a 3rd party dependency and is not stored in the GitHub repository and it’s downloaded automatically when I sync with my branch, downloading the old SDK and overwriting my changes.

Is there any way to update the dependency on my branch so it uses the new version instead?

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If the Facebook SDK is bound in as a submodule or still has its own git repository, you just can use your git shell, navigate to the FacebookSDK Repository and do a git pull

It’s a submodule, but doesn’t seem to have its own repository. It’s downloaded by GitDependencies.exe from Epic’s CDN.

I downloaded the latest SDK and put it in a different folder (so it doesn’t get overwritten by the dependency downloader), but I’m struggling a bit with this whole “embeddedframework” thing. I got the engine to compile and it runs, but calling Facebook’s logInWithReadPermissions does nothing on the device. Not even a message error on the console.

I’ll download the FB SDK source code and build it to see if I can figure out what’s going on, but I suspect a bundle isn’t being included in the IPA and I have no idea how to get it there.

If it is downloaded as a git submodule it should have its own repository, which you can update with git. In the root folder of the FacebookSDK should be the hidden folder .git If that is the case, just install git, open that folder with the git shell and run git pull :slight_smile:

It’s not a git submodule, there’s no .git folder. Also, the SDK files are organized differently from the actual Facebook’s github repo: each framework is placed inside a folder which is then placed inside a zip file.

BTW, I figured it out and got it working. Had to fix a few things in the OnlineSubsystemFacebook to get it working properly with the latest SDK. I’ll try to find some spare time to make a pull request or something.

Great!, Good to hear you got it running!