How do i unlink my psn account?

I want to unlink my psn account because i have a newer account which i want to use!

Well under accounts it does say to contact them to disconnect the service. I’d try that and see where it goes.
account → personal → connected accounts → → contact us to disconnect this service.

iff you can unlimk this account please.

The link goes to a dead page.
During the last site update they did it seems like they’ve completely disabled/broken any ‘contact us’ feature on the site.

As their help documentation specifically asks you to press a button that doesn’t exist… (See HERE)

It’s a much better idea to email them directly at

I’m currently waiting for a reply, but it’s better than nothing.

Have you gotten it?

I waited a few days before replying here. The answer is: Not yet.

UPDATE: Still no response, but the “Contact Us” link is now working. (Which takes you HERE)
I’ve sent a request via here as well. Even though it’s Fortnite specific, as it’s still an EPIC account they should be able to disconnect the linked account.

I want to log in to newer account