How do I uninstall Unreal Engine 4 completely

I have been using my friends computer for developing on UE4. Now that I got my own computer I need to know how to uninstall UE4 on my friends mac. Can someone give me step by step instructions on deleting UE4 off a MAC Mountain Lion completely?


On Windows, you could uninstall the program from your Control Panel, and then delete the install directory and the “…/Users/<User Name>/My Documents/Unreal Projects” folder. Also, if you set up Github source access, you could delete the “…/Users/<User Name>/My Documents/Github/UnrealEngine” folder.

I have no idea what the Mac equivalent to those folder locations would be, but I imagine the process would be somewhat similar?

I really want to know how to do this on mac too. If anyone can help, i will apreciate so much.

I’m also interested in this, is deleting the “Unreal Engine” folder in Applications enough?

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This post may help you with the proper way to uninstall UE4 from a Mac: How do I uninstall UE4 on a Mac? - Installation & Setup - Unreal Engine Forums

Please let me know if any additional information is needed.

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On windows load the installer and choose remove.

Maybe it will useful for someone.

I don’t see the Engine in the Control Panel. I see only the Epic Launcher. You can remove the Engine from the Launcher. You will see in the Launcher “Unreal Engine v4.x.x”. Select in the list “Remove”.


  • delete the Launcher from the Control Panel
  • delete the folders “My Documents/Unreal Projects” and “My Documents/Github/UnrealEngine”

thanks a helped make more space on my computer

The installer doesn’t provide an option to remove - only to install - even though it’s already installed!

I have just uninstalled Unreal Engine 4 from within Epic Games Launcher - Library.


go to the epic games launcher and open the unreal engine tab. then go to the library and click in the x where it says engine versions itll say uninstall


You’ll also need to delete
(“%userprofile%” means “C:\Users&lt;your_username>”)

you could use boot camp if on mac

If you go to library and then hover over the image for the current version you have there is a x in the top left corner click that to uninstall.

NOTE: If you’re looking to uninstall the engine but not your games, the “Library” people are referring to isn’t the one on the left in between “Store” and “Friends”.

You need to click on “Unreal Engine”, then the far right tab at the top is the “Library” you’re looking for.


^ this is the real MVP

Go to epic game launcher, click the unreal engine tab, then there is a library tab, click the drop down arrow next to U4 and select remove, it will then promote to uninstall.


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