How do I unclamp?

Hi there!

This is about the 4th day now trying to get a freaking character to sit in a chair by possessing another pawn (that has a sitting camera in it), but have run into a huge amount of problems. I’m currently trying to clamp the view while in the chair, but the clamp requires a Get Player Camera Manager node. This obviously affects the original character, so when I unpossess the pawn, the camera is still clamped in the pawn’s clamp.

How do I go about fixing this?

There is no way to unclamp, as I have found out. But I have found the initial “clamp” values of the first person camera to set it back to if you clamp it originally, if anyone finds this useful:
pitch max 70
pitch min -70
Yaw max - 359.9999
Yax Min - 0