How do I turn on the camera for this actor?

It has a camera in its components which I want to include

The above makes little sense. The camera manager is the camera you’re currently looking through. If you connect player controller to the manager now, you’ll switch from the same camera to the same camera…

Is there a reason we’re doing this in the anim instance? Perhaps what you need is the player character blueprint itself:

Calling thee above Custom Event would switch from whichever camera we’re looking through now to the first camera the Set View node finds.

That’s providing you do not want to Possess and just see through the camera. Otherwise, possessing will also switch cameras automagically afair.

I will have to switch to different actors in the game, and not necessarily that they will be, will it work? That is, I have to make each member of the squad the main character? If many different main characters appear, will it be possible to switch the camera between them?

I don’t have a thirdpersoncharacter in my creations, but I can’t do without it?

If many different main characters appear, will it be possible to switch the camera between them?

Yes. If you have many Paws you wish to either control or simply look through their camera:

Admittedly, there are many other ways of doing it. The above script should probably sit in the Player Controller. I don’t know how your game is structured so it’s hard to advise precisely.

I don’t have a thirdpersoncharacter in my creations, but I can’t do without it?

Can you show the blueprint where you have the capsule, the mesh, the camera component, the springarm and the movement component. You know, your player.

Can I do this with an empty character?

Yes, but when you say character, you actually mean Character Blueprint, right? What you’re showing above is not the character blueprint - the blueprint where the logic goes.

When you say empty - how do you want to switch to a camera that does not exist then? I mean, you technically can, but there’s not going to be much control over what’s happening there.

How did you get into the character blueprint? I just have a list of files with a blueprint at the bottom, how can I enter an empty character blueprint?

Ehm, I don’t really know how to answer that. Double click it in the Content Browser? How did you create your empty character then?

  • Normally you’d:

  • This gives you a character blueprint (cameras, movement logic, shooting is handled here)

  • That character has a skeletal mesh, animations and all the other bits:

If you do not have a character, then you missed a really important step.

Thank you everyone! Are you the only one here who treats me well? It seems to me that the others ignore me for some reason. Am I doing something wrong? Or am I just hurt paranoia?

In the character class blueprint, can you attach other meshes with your own animation? I need a gun and a helmet.

That is, for each mesh in the character class blueprint, you need to create its own animation blueprint?

Sorry you feel this way.

You not receiving answers may have something to do with the fact that the questions you’re asking are basic, they were asked and answered before. Many times. It’s all availble in tutorials and it’s in the engine documentation.

It may seem that rather than doing the job of searching yourself, you tend to rely on others doing the searching for you. Folks don’t like feeling used like that. I, for sure, do not.

If you were to start your question with examples of the research you’ve done, and an example of what’s not working, you’ll find people more eager to help you.

Think of this as of generic forums etiquette.

And yes, you can attach stuff to characters! Look into how sockets work. It’s a pretty cool system.

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Open the third person template and check out how it’s put together. The basics are covered. Experiment. You’ll need to break a lot of things down before you can attempt to create somemething that looks and behaves well.

I’m not that good with animating characters. I’d rather not send you in the wrong direction.

I answered about the cameres. But it seems you have other bits you may want to focus on first.